NDR Electric

Lighting solutions for the commercial and residential marketplaces.

Scope of work:

branding, web development, digital marketing, print, signage

Strategic thought

Complete redesign of NDR’s visual identity. The symbol chosen is an electrical plug integrated into a circular shape, which symbolizes light being emitted from a light bulb.

Online presence

NDR’s new web portal features a complete online catalogue of lighting products and provides visitors with a clear way to learn all about the company and its illumination solutions.

The Lighting Book

This 52-page catalogue is an annual edition that will be easily updatable for years to come. The catalogue’s clean design completely aligns with the brand and uses a strong and simple presentation style, a strict color palette and custom graphic elements.


NDR’S brand new line of packaging reflects the simplicity of their innovative lighting solutions. Respecting the brand’s image, the design is intentionally minimalist and focuses on outlining the numerous key design features in a clear and concise style.


Razor, Edge, Apex and Orbit are sub-brands that represent new ultra-slim and high performance light fixtures developed by NDR. The product line’s thinness is accentuated by the logo's slim and stylish typography.

Counter mat

This mat is placed at NDR distributor counters and is part of the marketing products created to showcase all the features and benefits of the recently launched Fire Rated Razor recessed downlight.

Trailer wrap

The NDR trailer, transformed into a mobile presentation unit, features actual light fixtures installed on the inside and graphics printed on the walls of the trailer explaining all product features and highlights. On the outside, the focus is on the logo to increase brand recognition.

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