International freight forwarding and logistics.

Scope of work:

branding, web development, digital marketing, print

Strategic thought

Revamp the existing identity into a modern and complete branding concept based on the cardinal directions of a compass rose.

Online presence

Cargolution's website features a CSS-based full-screen resizable grid on the homepage and contains detailed information about their services and areas of expertise.

Brochure: Our Expertise

This brochure presents an overview of the company, focusing on Cargolution's comprehensive turnkey solution that spans everything from consultation and analysis to execution and tracking.

Pamphlet: Live Shows and Events

This pamphlet is designed to look like a vintage VIP show ticket, featuring clever spinoffs from the usual ticket information: event’s name, date, time, location, conditions and even a detachable VIP access ticket.

Social media

Images created for various holidays to be used on social platforms or to be sent as greetings by email.

Corporate presentation

This document is designed to facilitate sales presentations. The information is carefully selected and presented in a simple yet visually interesting manner.

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