We love logos

A compilation of logos designed for our customers.


Visual identity is a fundamental part of all businesses and logo design is where a company’s visual identity begins.

Although most successful logos and marks appear to be very simple, a lot of thought is put in its development process. It starts with a thorough research of the competition and the industry’s market trends. We then look for the most representative elements of the client’s business and narrow it down to as few as possible: only the important ones. Next, we focus our design skills on finding a symbol to represent those elements in the most simple and visually appealing way. The symbol needs to be strong enough on its own, yet flawlessly integrated into typography and any other element that the logo may possess.

“We love logos” is a compilation of logos, each custom tailored to represent unique needs of our customers.

Take a look and enjoy!

About the author

Natasha Yefman is the founder and creative director of Studio Azura, a digital agency specializing in branding, web development and inbound marketing.

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