NDR Electric: The Lighting Book 2020 edition

NDR’s 2020 catalogue design strips away clutter and showcases products in a clear and simple way.


NDR Electric is a lighting manufacturer that specializes in customized illumination solutions for lighting distributors in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Extensive expansion in recent years has enabled NDR to completely revamp its visual identity and better reflect its market positioning as a leader in the lighting industry.

In January 2020, we launched NDR’s brand-new portal showcasing a complete online catalogue with multiple variations for each light fixture. The online catalogue provides all the information and features for every NDR product, including the ability to generate specification sheets with complete technical information. Users can find everything they need from this comprehensive online catalogue without having to contact a sales rep directly.

Despite this powerful online catalogue, the NDR sales team still needed a printed catalogue for potential clients during sales meetings. In our digital age, we should never underestimate the power of a printed marketing document that adds a personal touch to a sales presentation. The printed catalogue was meant primarily as a sales tool – and not as a source of information. The goal was to entice prospective customers to learn more about the product offer and the company without overloading them with technical information.

Named “The Lighting Book,” this 52-page catalogue is an annual edition that will be easily updatable for years to come. The catalogue’s clean design completely aligns with the brand and uses a strong and simple presentation style, a strict color palette and custom graphic elements.

To make it easier to navigate the Lighting Book, each of the six product categories is separated by images of the interiors and different colors, such as green for Recessed Lighting, magenta for Wraps & Linears, orange for High Bay and so on. Each product section uses a similar structure for each product family within the section, starting with the Overview page listing all features common to the entire family. Next is the detailed product page with all the product images, finishes, sizes, models, color temperatures and certifications. The product components (e.g. junction box, mounting plates, etc.) are presented last.

Please browse through the Lighting Book 2020 Edition and tell us what you think. Your feedback is appreciated!

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