Can’t contain our love for leaflets!

A compilation of folded leaflets designed and printed for our clients.


Folded leaflets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be small and fit in a pocket or big enough to use as presentations during your marketing events. They can have one or multiple folds and be folded in all kinds of ways: half-fold, trifold, four-panel fold, single or double gatefold, accordion fold, Z-fold … the possibilities are virtually endless.

The leaflet size and type of folds can be determined by numerous factors: the purpose of the leaflet, the amount of information you wish to present, the type of information you would like to show first, where and how the leaflet would be used and, of course, the budget. Standard sizes and printing techniques result in lower costs, while custom sizes, folds, die cuts and stock may add to the production expenses.

Modern leaflets started off as handwritten newsletters used by wealthy Renaissance merchants to promote their products. These newsletters usually provided the latest news on wars and economics and the effects these events had on their products and services. The German invention of the printing press in 1450 made leaflet printing and distribution a lot more affordable for people. Thus began the era of print explosion, characterized by leaflets being used as influential tools for the masses in political, social and religious spheres.

In today’s marketing world, leaflets are mostly used to promote products, services and events to your current or potential customers. Below are a few examples of folded leaflets that we recently created for our clients. From design to copywriting, translation, photography and printing, we offer a seamless turnkey solution starting from the idea and culminating in the final product delivery. Happy viewing!


z-fold Leaflet design z-fold Leaflet design z-fold Leaflet design Brochure design and print Brochure design and print brochure design and print Leaflet design Leaflet design Leaflet design Double fold design Double fold design double fold design Double fold design

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Natasha Yefman is the founder and creative director of Studio Azura, a digital agency specializing in branding, web development and inbound marketing.

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